Having met over various stages and at different times in their musical careers, there was only one reason for these metal heads to come together now… to make the most epic, symphonic, legend metal that could be made by man!

Inspired by ancient myths, Nordic legends, Viking gods and the brutality of middle-earth warfare. Unicorn Death combines harmonizing guitar solos & haunting vocal melodies with intricately orchestrated keys & in-your-face blast beats.

With such amazing and awe inspiring music, many wonder about the name. Simply put, “…[the band name] derived from the idea of being impaled by a unicorn’s mystical horn, followed by the brutal and painful process of bleeding out, resulting in death”, says Cassie Morris (keys and vocals).

Since the release of their six-song E.P. in November of 2012, these metal-gods have gained a huge Southern California following and have furiously been writing new material non-stop. With a total of nine songs, to date, and a few more in the works, there will surely be much more to look forward to in the near future!