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Welcome all! We’re really excited to share our music with you. Our goal with the re-design is to provide you with the best “user friendly” experience possible.

In addition to our schedule of upcoming shows & tours, the site also features a news section which you are now reading. This section will allow us to keep you up to date on all things Unicorn Death. Other features include music, photos, videos and official Unicorn Death merchandise. Help us get on the road to play a city near you. Don’t forget to pick something up on the way out.

Feel free to “Contact Us” about an upcoming feasts, festivals, and general banter. We would love to hear from you!


The Catalyst interviews Unicorn Death

Mystical, symphonic, legend metal is alive and well slaying our county and beyond in the form of San Diego’s very own Unicorn Death! The band name alone sparks intrigue and a curious grin as to its meaning and origin. The idea was derived from, as vocalist/keys Cassie Morris suggests, the imagery of death by impalement of a unicorn horn and suffering blood loss until the dying, final breath. Unicorn Death creates new worlds lyrically and musically. Imagine a land of castles (where mankind is lower on the food chain) as swordsman, sorcerers, trolls, orcish hordes, and warrior unicorns storm the battlefield!